"Film recognises neither time nor space, only the limits of man’s imagination"

Nicholas Ray

To capture the essence of a wedding day through moving image, videography, film, cinematography or whatever name you prefer, there are 3 things:

The first is Technique. This is the craft part. The right tools, drones, camera, lenses, gimbals, editing skills are included in this, but also meticulous and methodical preparation born out of a passion to create the best result.

The second is something beautiful to shoot. By beauty we mean not just aesthetics but something that tells us about who we are as humans. Which means it must have deep meaning.

Lastly, the filmmaker needs to understand and therefore, love his subject. To show the joy, love, excitement, nervous anticipation, relief, intimacy of a wedding, the videographer needs to invest in the moments.

For us at Club Creative we shoot weddings because of these three things. Every wedding is a unique story with a wholly unique set of circumstances bringing everything up to that point. That makes it beautiful. There is no other day which deliberately celebrates the beauty of humanity. At a wedding we celebrate love, family, friends and commitment to each other. No other creature can know that except for us humans. That is worth capturing. Of all the hundreds and hundreds of weddings, helping people celebrate over the years, we never tire of this one: every person is beautiful and every wedding is precious.

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